Rotate your device for a better playing experience

Virtual Piano

Enjoy the sound of a real piano on your computer, phone, and tablet. The Virtual piano enables you to play real-world piano sounds using your keyboard and mouse. It works great on mobile and tablet devices; rotate your screen to landscape mode and play your favorite songs right from your browser. All the 88 piano keys are available in the palm of your hands!

Keys Button

Use the Keys button to select what should appear on the piano keys.

  • None: The keys will be just like a regular piano.
  • C Notes: Show just the C notes on the piano. Great for visualizing the piano octaves with ease.
  • Letter Notes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The piano keys will contain their respective notes, sharps and flats included.
  • Keyboard Keys: Show the keyboard keys that control the piano.

Sound Button

  • Use the Sound button to select the piano sound! Grand Piano, Electric Guitar, Clean Guitar, Ocarina, Tin Whistle, Flat Kalimba, and Hollow Kalimba, all recorded from real-world instruments! You can also change the sustain amount, so it will keep playing after releasing the keys.

Theme Button

  • Use the Theme button to change the piano highlight colors. Beautiful handpicked colors to make your playing experience even better!

Fullscreen Button

  • Are the browser bars disturbing you? Click on the Fullscreen button and focus on where it matters most (not available on iPhone devices).

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